Ministries and Groups at Church on the Rock

Kids on the Rock


Kids come first at Church on the Rock and we would love your help in seeing little lives built upon God's foundation!

Youth on the Rock


We want to see students transformed by God's truth and power. can you help us with that?

Small Group Support


We are looking for people willing to open their hearts and lives to God and others.  Is God calling you to help support a small group?

Worship Arts


Can you sing, play an instrument, or press the right buttons when trained properly?  We would love to get you plugged into our worship arts team!

Good Vibe Tribe


Do you want people to feel warmly welcomed and comfortable during our services?  The Good Vibe Tribe equips you to serve every guest that comes.

Open Hands Food Pantry


Nourishing people's body mind and spirit takes everyone's support.  Open Hands food pantry could use your help in serving those with sustenance needs.

More ways to serve...



Someone needs to make sure God's house is shown some love.  Maybe that someone is you?  There is a long list of projects that are waiting to be done.  This is a great way to serve!

Helpful Hearts


Has God given you a heart for emotional support?  Lets put that love into action!  It can be just listening, bringing a meal, or even doing dishes.  Whatever it takes to help a person endure a hard season of life!

Office Help


We always have administrative tasks that we could use your help on!  Let us know when you are available!

Stage Design and Decor


Our stage and lobby are always going through an update or being decorated for a season. Join the team that expresses some serious creativity!

Graphics, Apps, and Nerd Stuff...


Do you design graphics, do you write code, have you reformatted a hard drive...  We need you to do all that artsy or nerdy stuff.  

Coffee, snacks, and refreshments


Is there a little barista living inside of you that needs a way out?  We would love your passion to be fulfilled at our cafe'!

Contact Us

Let us know you are interested in serving

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Thanks for being willing to serve God and his church!

Church On The Rock

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